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 Animal Species - Please Read!

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Animal Species - Please Read! Empty
PostSubject: Animal Species - Please Read!   Animal Species - Please Read! EmptySat Nov 28, 2015 5:59 pm

1. Allowed animal species - Wolves, hyenas, coyotes, dogs, bears, eagles, foxes and other canids.

2. Not allowed animal species - Werewolves, insects, rodents, humans, horses.

3. Other species - If your character is another species and that is not in the list above and you want to play with him/her, please contact us via e-mail by filling out this form:

[b]Username: [/b][i]HERE![/i]
[b]E-mail: [/b][i]HERE![/i]
[b]Specie desired: [/b][i]HERE![/i]

4. Other species without permission - Will result in punishment. Have attention when choosing the specie of your character!
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Animal Species - Please Read!
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