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 Main Rules - Please Read!

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Main Rules - Please Read! Empty
PostSubject: Main Rules - Please Read!   Main Rules - Please Read! EmptySat Nov 28, 2015 5:40 pm

1. Spamming - Whether in the form of regular posts or OOC, this is not tolerated. Please keep in mind that countless OOC (Out of Character) messages will result in punishment. If you have something you need to discuss to that extent, then please, take it to the PMs. The definition of spamming is also applied to posting in another persons RP thread with no intent of joining/without being a member. Please, if you notice something wrong, alert the moderators instead of posting in the thread yourselves.

2. Flaming - Absolutely NOT tolerated in any form, or at any time. If you are having a problem, or another person does something you don't agree with, Then put on your big boy pants and address it in a civilized manner. If a person has been giving you grief and you're fed up with it-- DON'T RETALIATE-- Instead, alert one of the moderators so that they can address the problem as quickly as possible. Attacking the person back will result in you receiving punishment as well. It should be noted that flaming over PM wont save you either-- If you are a victim of this, don't hesitate to come forward. If you are able, please screenshot the evidence of the flaming and send it to a moderator.

3. Bullying of any sort is not tolerated - If you are found out to be the culprit, You will be permanently banned without a second thought. If a person is upset, then you should have enough common sense to know when to just drop it. This forum is no place for petty spats, and disgusting behavior to the other members results in severe punishment. So keep it in mind before you fly off the handle and run your mouths.

4. Double Posting - When certain circumstances are met, such as the thread creator wanting to split up his/her first few posts into separate pieces, or a person wanting to divvy up gratuitous amounts of text into separate posts for special purposes, we will allow double posting. However, if your entry is seven lines at best and you're only adding a minuscule amount to your previous post.... just edit the new content into your previous post. The same goes for bumping threads that have only been inactive for a few days, posting two OOC messages in a row, ect.... Don't do it, mang.

5. Do Not Gosh-mode - Goshmodding is when a character features gosh-like abilities, such as invincibility or mind control, or other unrealistic powers that don't fit with lore. It's also considered goshmodding to refuse death in fights or ignore role-players in scenarios in which said role-players are attempting to attack you. Remember all stars are pretty. Nobody's good at everything; try and keep yourself in check.
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Main Rules - Please Read!
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