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 Mating Thread

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PostSubject: Mating Thread   Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:22 pm

Wants Pups?

- Rules
1. You do not choose gender.
2. You do not choose the appearance.
3. You do not choose the personality.
4. Both must fill the form.
5. Patience!

Fill this form:

[u]Mom Name:[/u] [i]HERE[/i]
Mom Bio: [i]HERE[/i]
[u]Dad Name:[/u] [i]HERE[/i]
Dad Bio: [i]HERE[/i]

[u]Name (Female):[/u] [i]HERE[/i]
[u]Name (Male)[/u]: [i]HERE[/i]

Send the form to mate@luzitanos.com user (Click in the link)
Result by PM!
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Mating Thread
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